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We are Held Mind

Web3 Mental Health Advocates

A team of Licensed mental health professionals and experts of lived experience providing a unique digital ecosystem of training, support and consultation.


A safe, inclusive Discord space for peer support and signposting to IRL crisis help and resources when needed. 

An online education, training and development department delivering evidence based trainings and personalised consultations to projects on mental health, conflict resolution, sobriety and recovery. 


About Us

Mental Health, Recovery, and Sobriety.


Held Mind is Web3's first B2B & B2C Recovery & Sobriety support & education system. We are an inclusive platform hosted on Twitter and Discord, that destigmatizes the taboos of mental health, recovery and sobriety; normalizes difference and enables access to a support system of Licensed Professionals and experts of lived experience for everyone in the Web3 space and beyond. 


Over 40 Brands and Projects in the Web3 space now have access to the Held Mind ecosystem: individual support, tailored in house training and consultation to their team from our team of licensed mental health professionals.

40+ Alliances with Held Mind

Marianne is a Licensed, Highly Specialist Psychotherapist and has over a decade of experience working both for not for profits and in the UK National Health Service’s mental health division. She has clinical expertise in risk management, telehealth and safeguarding online

Ann is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist in LA. 

Caroline is the CEO of Harmless, a national suicide prevention charity, she consults internationally on online safety, safeguarding and suicide prevention. 

 Doug, Aaron and Dave have over seven decades of continued sobriety from substance abuse issues between them. Seth has lived experience of loved one’s mental health struggles alongside his own experience of dyslexia. They are all based in the US.

Emily is based in Dubai and manages the Community and Social Media arms of Held Mind. 

The whole team are digitally and Web3 native and operate in the space daily. 

Training For Mental Health Professionals 

Be on the cutting edge of tech & learn about a growing, underserved population of clients that REALLY need your support.


Our Intro to Web3 for Mental Health Professionals provides

  • A comprehensive understanding of the basics of web3

  • Case formulations and expert of lived experience interviews

  • A dive into the stresses and strengths of people working and operating in this 24/7 space

As technology continues to impact identity formation and how individuals relate to one another, it's more important than ever for therapists to be up to date and in the know on new developments


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Contact Us

We're always available to chat in our Discord server, or through DMs on Twitter. If you'd like to submit an inquiry via email, we'll be happy to respond as soon as we can. 

Thanks for submitting!

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