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Held Mind bridges the gap between Web3 and IRL Mental Health and Sobriety Support through active engagement and education on Twitter, alongside Web3's first Discord-Discord Mental Health Alliance with partner brands and projects. 


Our Mental Health Alliance drives curated content from our licensed mental health professionals from Held Mind's discord server, directly to all our partner projects' Discord servers, from a secure connection that we've enabled: allowing us to provide meaningful psychoeducational content and reminders of access to crisis help to a spectrum of Web3 Communities at once.


Our B2B model educates professional web2 communities on the power of a web3 ecosystem for social good. Psychotherapists, psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists and the broader therapeutic community engaged in our platform of education, learning and development are enabled to put their new skills into practice within the Held Mind ecosystem, mentored by experts in the field. 

My Approach

Our Approach

Web3 has introduced millions of new people to communities like Discord where they get to meet and interact with people from all walks of life across every continent. Discord has log been used by the gaming community and has rapidly been adopted by the Web3 ecosystem. 


Discord is our main platform for social support. Our community understands what it’s like when you’re struggling with mental health; to maintain sobriety; struggling with the current economic climate, feeling lonely or even if you need help to find a licensed therapist. 


Some of our community members are reaching out in hopes that they can connect with others in order to find a purpose. Many have told us that when they’re in our server, or those of our partners, that they finally feel like they can have an honest conversation about how they’re feeling. It’s cliche to say sometimes, but it truly is ok to not be ok.


So whether you’re struggling with depression, or a low mood, anxiety or lack of motivation, or even if you’re worried about a diagnosis or if you’re feeling lonely, you have a safe community, moderated by peers, experts of lived experience and mental health professionals


Confidential Support 

Alongside general channels we have a confidential ticketing system for mental health and sobriety support: members are met by our licensed professionals and directed to the IRL help and support they need. 

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